Clash of Magic S2 – A Private COC Server | Download

There are so many private servers available today for the popular Clash of Clans game that has taken the Android world by storm.

If you are not already familiar with the name COC, it’s a strategy war game that requires you to build your base with different structures, barracks, and troops and then be a part of wars to get rewards and progress further.

However, there are some restrictions placed on the official servers that might restrict your progress in the game. Now, that’s where private servers like Clash of Magic S2 come in.

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Clash of Magic S1 have been updated
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But If You Don’t Know: How to download Clash of Magic apk, a step by step guide is available to Download Clash of MAGIC.


What Is Clash Of Magic S2?

As described earlier, Clash of Magic S2 is a private server for the popular Clash of Clans game that is actually meant to lift the restrictions in place on the official servers.

With clash of magic, the players can enjoy access to unlimited resources and can play the game at their own pace without having to wait for gathering enough resources to complete different tasks.

The COM S2 is also called as ‘The Power Of Magic’ and it offers:


  1. Custom Mods
  2. Unlimited Resources
  3. 1 Build Cost
  4. Zero Build Time
  5. Gold 2,000,000,000
  6. Gems 2,000,000,000
  7. Elixir 2,000,000,000

  1. You must have strong internet connection
  2. WiFi is Recommended
  3. While the app open it begins to download content
  4. It may restarts several times during the game
  5. Be patient and have popcorns

Clash of Magic S2



So, if all that sounds valuable to you, it’s time that you download the Clash of Magic S2 server and start enjoying an all-new COC experience.

What Is A Private Server All About?

Private servers usually refer to server emulators which actually is the re-implementation of an online gaming server.

Private servers are usually meant to change a game’s dynamics through heavy modifications.

For instance, they can add or delete some of the skills, increase/decrease the drop rates of treasures in the games, modify the existing models of the game and even add a few original functions for making it even better.

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