September 28, 2022

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How to Improve Communication Between Nurse and Patient Family Members

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Communication between nurse and patient family is often an overlooked area of nursing. Many nurses are trained to nurse without realizing that they will someday be caring for someone else’s child or patient. Communication with patient and family is critical between nurse and patient family and helps establish bonds that may last a lifetime. Without good communication, problems can escalate from minor issues to more severe health conditions. Nurses must be open and willing to set up good communication channels with their patient families.

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When I was a nursing assistant, I remember many families being upset with our staff because we did not communicate well. And the family wanted something different than what we did. When we care for people, we want to make sure they feel comfortable and know we help them. If our staff doesn’t set up good communication with their families, it will negatively affect them and the quality of care they receive. All nurses need to have open communication lines with their patient families.

The lack of communication between nurse and patient can cause problems in the long term. Often, there will be resentment between the family and the nurse over how patient care is handled. This can lead to angry yelling and screaming that end up damaging the relationships between nurse and patient.
A good nurse makes it a point to listen to their families. When we care for patients, we need to make sure that we set up good relationships with the families of those patients. There are many differences in how nurses treat patients who live in rural communities versus those in bigger cities. A nurse can show their appreciation for a patient’s family is to send them a gift card or a personalized note every so often.

Communication between nurse and patient family members is essential because it creates trust between the two parties. Without trust, a nurse may be unable to offer their best care truly. There are many stories about nurses who refuse to treat patients because of their poor communication with their families. The family may even feel frustrated or hurt because the nurse is not listening to their needs.

Communication between nurses and patient family members also allows the nurse to gain the trust of their families. Some people think that faceless professional’s staff hospitals without much interaction with patients. That’s not true at all in most cases. Although some staff members may interact with the families of patients, several aides and doctors are involved in patient care.

Communication between nurse and patient family members improves care because it makes the families more involved in the care of their loved one. When families do this, there is an opportunity for them to voice any concerns or frustrations they have. It also makes the family feel like the nurse is paying close attention to them. There are instances when families may discuss the care of their loved ones and the nurse glosses over their concerns. In these cases, communication between nurses and patient family members can lead to improved care.

Communication between nurses and patient family members is crucial to the success of a nurse. When a nurse and patient family members communicate, communication within the medical environment improves. If you want to improve communication between nurse and patient family members, take the time to review the tips and advice provided here.

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