Master Royale

Modded private servers for Clash Royale and found Master Royale. It is a clash royale modded private server, not the official but the best one. It is a server for Clash Royale in which you will get unlimited gems and gold.

Gems and Gold can use in different ways to make your game more interesting. You can unlock the chest and purchase the items from them like cards and gold etc. This server is fast, stable and contains only insignificant bugs which are probably in any game.

Is Master Royale Hack the Game?

Actually No, It is only a private server. It does not host by SuperCell but allows a root or jailbreak mobile device to edit the host file of the main server and connect you with the game through different IP address.

You can get unlimited resources and gems on some private servers. It provides you with many resources like custom heroes and mods. It allows you a lot of fun. You can enjoy with your friends by just connecting them to Master Royale Private Server and after installing its required files. You will enjoy the game as the original one but with more amusing options.

How do MR private server works?

The methodology is the same as the original server. But in this server, you can discover many more things. You can unlock the levels very quickly. No need to wait for a long time. Attack anytime on online players. The server works according to the original one, but it is host by a third party.  All the things work according to the Supercell’s Original server. When you’ll play the game on this server, then you’ll realize that it is super fast from the original one.


Some of the features which make this server best are as follow:

1 Million Gems:

The game on MR server starts with 1 million gems. 1 million gems are more than enough to enjoy the game. You can buy unlimited Cycling chests, Magical Chests or Super Magical Chests to get more Gold and Cards.

1 Million of Gold:

MR server provides you 1 million free Gold. As we know that Gold is the basic element of Game. We can use gold to upgrade our cards, by cards from shop, and to create a clan.

Unlimited Cards Available:

They make it so easy by unlocking all the cards and make them available anytime.

Master Royale download apk


If you are a true lover of the game only then you will definitely understand about the importance of a private server to play the game more amazingly. You are spending most of the time to play Clash Royale Game, and yet you are not able to unlock all the features of the game.

Yuhh! It just makes you feel so bad. We can see that people are too much addicted to this game. And they are spending all of their time playing the game. Despite this addiction, they have no access to all features of the game because they need a lot of money for that.

That’s is why the MR private server is designed to unlock all the cards, get unlimited gems, and unlimited entertainment free.

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