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Reasons to Use a Murphy Bed

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A drop-in or fold-up bed is a small bed hinged in one end to store flat against the wall, in a closet easily, or another cupboard. Murphy bed with desk When the hinged bed is collapsed, it can be stored neatly without taking up valuable floor space. Murphy beds are popular in college dorms because of their small size and convenience. They are ideal for students who do not have enough room in their rooms to accommodate a full-sized bed comfortably. They are so small that they will make a student feel cramped even if he has space on his dorm room floors.

One of the reasons why a Murphy bed is so helpful is because it takes up very little space when collapsed. Most average-sized beds take up more than half the floor space of a bedroom, making them impractical in dormitories or small apartments. Even when the mattress is used on a regular bed during the night, extra space is still required to store other items, making it impossible for many people to squeeze into a small dorm room or apartment. Even though a Murphy bed is usually much smaller than a regular bed, the benefits of having one in your bedroom far outweigh the small space required to accommodate one. Let us look at the three main reasons why a murphy bed may be the perfect addition to your home:

Efficiency: It is highly efficient to utilize space in small apartments or homes. Since murphy beds are much smaller than a regular bed and have a reduced footprint on the floor, you will save space when using them in your bedroom. Most models are collapsible and come with storage drawers beneath the bed. You will need less floor space when using your murphy beds than you would with a full-size bed.

Space efficiency: A fold-up bed is highly efficient and saves space. Today, most models are made from memory foam and feature contoured, curved slats that curve down as the bed bends. These curves reduce the amount of space taken up by the bed while it is folded up and allow you to access storage areas beneath the bed without bending over. In addition to saving space, a murphy bed will fold up very quickly when not in use, allowing you to store it away until next needed. The only drawback is that you cannot store your bed upright when it is not in use. If you want to store your bed vertical, you will need to purchase a bed frame with side panels to provide support.

Security: A fold murphy bed can provide excellent security to your home. Since the entire structure is collapsed into a small space, a burglar cannot quickly break in or reach the controls. Even if they gain access to the room, most burglars will not have the tools necessary to make their getaway quickly. Many people choose to put their beds away on their property to know that the structure is entirely secure.

It looks like a regular wall-mounted storage unit. If you have a regular wall-mounted storage unit that features drawers and shelves, you will be hard-pressed to find a design that can closely resemble the appearance of a standard wall-mounted storage unit. Most murphy beds feature shelves just like regular wall units but, since the entire structure is collapsed into a small space, the design comes closer to resembling a regular wall storage unit than a conventional bed. This makes your murphy bed look like a regular wall storage unit without taking up valuable floor space. In addition, these beds are much more difficult to kick over than traditional beds. Most criminals will give up after one try at kicking over a Murphy bed.

Saves space – Murphy beds can save space in your home and provide an extra guest room. If you’re tired of being forced to stay in your bedroom due to their size, you can always store your extra guests in your Murphy bed until you have the room for them in your larger guest rooms.

A fold-out Murphy bed is ideal for extra-large families or individuals with many items to store in their smaller homes. When these beds are folded out, you can store the extra space-saving furniture in the bottom part of the bed so that you won’t have to leave the bottom part of the bed empty. The bottom section of a regular wall bed folds out completely when you store items in the top section. This makes the fold-out murphy bed a perfect space-saver when you are looking for a way to use your extra space-saving furniture in your home.

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