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Top Drive Shaft Manufacturers

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Driveshafts play an essential role in mechanical engineering. This is because they transmit torque from the engine to the driven wheels, including tractors and combines. Drive shafts are typically hollow but can be made of steel or composite materials. Most vehicular driveshafts are steel. However, aluminum and composites are developing as alternatives.

Several different manufacturers make drive shafts. Most of them use electroforming or mechanical forming to make their drive shafts. Universal joint manufacturer In addition, they can be manufactured by chemical deposition and normalizing. These processes require high temperatures and a unique process called induction hardening. A chemical deposition is similar to an electroforming process but uses electrodeposition instead of electricity.

The drive shaft market is divided into North America, Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing region during the forecast period. While most of the upcoming electric vehicle models are rear-wheel drives, automakers plan to launch more models in the coming years.

GKN is one of the world’s leading driveshaft manufacturers. It has developed billions of units, is a leading manufacturer of CV joints, and is used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Some of its products include CV joints, hub bearings, and center support assemblies. Aside from driveshafts, the company produces a range of other automotive parts.

Dorman is an automotive parts provider that specializes in drive shafts. Founded in 1918, Dorman is known for its quality and reliability. It offers automotive components that are better than the OEMs and backed by a century of experience. Their products use a proprietary OE-fix solution, which eliminates defects and flaws.

Similarly, Neapco is an industry leader in driveline products. Founded after the invention of the automobile, the company has almost a century of experience producing driveshafts. The company is expanding its product portfolio by adding a new vertical in February 2022. Neapco’s systems are available in single-piece or multi-piece configurations. The center supports and prop shafts help reduce noise and vibration, and their universal joints are designed to improve the performance of every driveline.

One of the biggest drivers of the drive shaft market is the increasing demand for electric vehicles. While most electric vehicle models are rear-wheel drives, many all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models are being introduced in the future. With more vehicles on the road, the demand for lightweight and durable driveshafts will continue to grow.

Dana brand GWB has a history of providing heavy-duty and mobile-application drive shafts for major OEMs and aftermarket customers. Dedicated to premium performance and durability, Dana brand GWB(TM) focuses on innovation and technological advancements. GWB(TM) products also offer high levels of flexibility and durability.

Another drive shaft manufacturer is NTN Corporation. NTN has many products and technology and commands the second-largest share of the global driveshaft market. The company has invested considerably in its R&D. Among other things; the company has developed an advanced manufacturing technique, the Advanced Drive-Shaft Module.

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