Clash of Magic – The Best COC Private Server | Download & Enjoy

If you’re already a fan of the popular war strategy game Clash of Clans then you must be familiar with different private servers available today for enjoy COC at the next level.

Yes, these private servers exist as sort of a hack that allow COC users to enjoy playing the game without any kind of restrictions whatsoever.

A similar private server for the popular COC game is the Clash of Magic. The private server is known to provide unlimited resources including gems, gold and elixir among several others.

Why Do You Need Unlimited Resources?

Well, if you have already been playing Clash of Clans, you would already know the importance of resources in the game.

To put it simply, your progress in the game depends on the amount of resources you have and when you lack them you’re just stuck not going anywhere with COC game.

Besides elixir and gold, gems are the real treasure and you have to develop a proper strategy for collecting gems and using them to your benefit so that you never run out of them.

Now imagine how you’d progress with unlimited resources?

Well, you won’t have to get stuck at any point and, with everything available in excess, you’ll be able to use your resources in whatever way you like without any kind of restrictions whatsoever.

That’s the sort of liberty you need for enjoying COC at its best.

Clash Of Magic – The COC Private Server For An Even Better Experience

Clash of Magic


COM servers are the excellent and fastest servers available for coc, it’s an amazing Clash of Magic’s Private server. It is like other COC private server but the best thing about this server is that it works very fine.

You don’t have to worry about your privacy theft due to security enabled servers, if any of the COC private servers is not working for you then Clash of Magic is the best option for you as they are Magic servers available in the marketplace.

You can download Magic Servers by clicking on the download link, after downloading the APK file of the COM server you have install it manually your smart phone.

List of Clash of Magic Servers:

Clash of Magic S1 Apk.

Clash of Magic S2 Apk.

Clash of Magic S3 Apk.

Clash of Magic S4 Apk.

Clash of  Magic Launcher

Clash of Magic COC

Clash of magic modified APK have four different servers you can download each of them according to your device type and space. But these all servers are same and have same interface and graphics. You can further read about them by clicking on the desired COL Version name.

How Clash Of Magic Helps?

Well, clash of magic is your MMO strategy game that is very much similar to the popular Clash of Clans where you can:

  • Build your own base and customize it
  • Battle other players
  • Set up a clan of your own

The Clash of Magic apk offers four different servers and each of them has its own unique features. Just explore each of them and start playing the game to enjoy a perfect COC experience like never before.

 Features of Clash of Magic Private Server Mod APK 
  • COM servers enabled you to the play game on the fastest and secured servers so you can play the game smoothly without any interruption.
  • COM servers are enabled to protect you from DDOS attacks and Malware and you will love server speed.
  • It gives you Unlimited Gems, Gold, Troops, Elixir and Dark Elixir everything you can get with a minimum limit of 1000,000.000
  • You can unlock all Heroes, Troops and Characters in a minute while on the original game you have to play the game regularly with a wait of weeks and months sometimes even more.
  • In the optional feat, sure you can customize building and heroes and troops, even you can merge two heroes and add their powers and make new customize hero like Bowler King. but this is totally up to you if you don’t want to customize the things they don’t worry you can play the game in the original mode.
Learn How To install amazing Hack of Clash of Clans game
  1. Download the Clash of Lights Apk from Download apk button
  2. Now you have to install it manually
  3. Go to android setting and then in setting tap on security than under security check mark on the unknown source to install the game.
  4. Now open the Clash of Magic Apk file from your downloads folder to install the game.
  5. After installation just open the installed clash of magic apk
  6. When you first time play the game, first it may download some files
  7. It may restarts few times to complete the setup
  8. Now COM server is installed on your device, play the game with freedom.

I know this question will be on your mind that how will I get the latest updates of the original clash of Clans games as I’m playing my game by installing clash of magic server Apk, don’t Worry you can update your game by downloading the latest update from here.